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-- Overview --

We've decided that it would be better to setup a system much like the one in the United States Constitution. Rather than tell you what you can't do, you're given certain rights. (Which each person must respect of course.)
--The Bill of Rights --
  • You have the right to fair play. (Even teams)
  • You have the right to camp as long as it's not holding up the game.
  • You may enjoy an appropriate language and playing environment.
  • You don't need to put up with verbal assault either directly or by culture, religion, or race.
Unlike in the real United States Judicial System, we don't heed the call of whiney little people that try to sue people for hogwash. In otherwords, if you want to file a complaint, be certain it's reasonable.

Sub-Admins have the permission to handle things using their own judgement because they have proven themselves to be responsible enough to handle it. However, if you feel that you have been wronged in any way, you can appeal via the message forum or privately via E-Mail.

All offenses and appeals will be handled by either Vadakill or Arkaine, the two Main-Admins and private owners of the server...the physical piece of equipment.