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-- Where is the server located? --

In Connecticut. It's hosted at my workplace and is connected to two (2) T-1 lines. These are multi-homed to New York City, NY and to Relay, Maryland. If your ISP does not Peer up to one of those locations your ping probably won't be great, especially for a modem user. Broadband users will have a better ping rate regardless.
-- What kind of machine does it run on? --

The server currently runs on an AMD Athlon XP 1900MHz processor with 512 MB of DDR RAM.
Pictures of the server: Front | Side | Inside
-- Why build a server, do you get anything out of it? Fame? Fortune? Chicks? --

Well the reason I built the server was purely selfish. I was sick and tired of the crappy pings, pissy admins, pissy players and the "F*** you all to hell" attitudes people displayed. In Early October 2000, I decided I wanted to create my own server so at least *I* would get a decent ping and attitudes would be in check, if other people got good pings and enjoyed the server's environment that's just a bonus. As for Fortune -- HAH! it costs money to run a server. If it wasn't for the genrosity of my bosses I'd be shelling out about $600 a month in bandwith costs alone. Right now all it costs me is: time to maintain the server, keep up with bugs and software updates and research my server logs looking for naughty boys and girls who abuse my server.
-- What Operating system does it run? --

Linux, of course. You saw the little penquin on your way into the server right? It's running RedHat Linux 7.3.
-- Why don't you allow more players on? I can never get in! --

It used to be that the server couldn't handle it now it's more like because I'm used to it being that way. Second, I like small team games of 5-6 to a team. Anything more then that isn't teamwork, it's chaos. Third, my boss' business runs on bandwidth. "Bandwidth = Life" for the business. They are being quite generous letting me use what I need, I don't want to be a pain.
-- Who owns the server? --

I, Vadakill, own the server. My brother Arkaine also owns part of it from making some donations to the cause.
-- Who's Vadakill? --

I'm a 25-year-old Tech who happens to have a vast interest on how things work. If it's a cool computer technology, new medical discovery, or a even a different way of doing things I'm all over it. I love figuring out how things work and if they break, how to fix them. I could tell you everything else I do but then the government requires that I kill you after.
-- Gasp! You work for the government!? --

Nah, it's just my way of saying I don't feel like giving you the gritty details of my life.
-- Whew! How did you come up with the name "Vadakill"? --

Mistake actually. Before the days of the Internet there were these things called a "BBS". You used your 2400 baud modem to connect to these places and you could play games, download files or whatever. They had multiplayer games back then but they were turned based and you could only move a certain amount each DAY, yes DAY. I came up with the name Vanaguard for a game I was playing called TradeWars 2002. I blew up my ships a lot before I got the hang of it. Later, the BBS introduced LORD (Legend Of Red Dragon) and I made a character named "SIR KILL" (Boy I had original names eh?) He died a lot until I got the hang of it. Fast Forward a few years to the days of Sierra's "The ImagineNation Network" where I played a D&D style Multiplayer game AT THE SAME TIME AS OTHER PEOPLE (*GASP!*) called "The Shadow of Yserbius" (I racked up my first $150 phone bill this way) I created a character that combined the names of my previous characters into "Sir Vanakill" who wasn't even a knight but rather, a cleric. I showed some of my friends this game but only one was excited about it (computers were still not very common then), this is where the mistake was made. Later that day he called my character "Vadakill" instead of "Vanakill". I was going to correct him but I decided I liked the flubbed name better, so I kept it.
-- Who's Arkaine? --

Arkaine is my younger brother. He's 17 but you can't tell from talking to him. He's much more mature than he looks and is often very good spirited even in bad situations. He's also my one and only Co-admin, I don't trust anyone else I can't reach out and beat up...I mean...uh, hug, yeah that's it.
-- How did he come up with the name Arkaine? --

Arkaine: Basically from the word Arcane. Little be known to me, that it was used in Diablo. Unfortunately, because of that - among other things, many other people also use Arkaine as an alias. It's too late to change it now; everyone knows me as Arkaine...
-- Will you give anyone else ADMIN priviledges? --

Ask yourself, "Would Vadakill be able to easily reach out and beat me if I screw up?" No? I don't think so then. Actually I do have a few admins, but I asked them they didn't ask me.
-- Why is there so much voting on the server? --

Democracy is good, Voting is good, I like voting. I want the server to be a place where the players decide on how to play. I also want to give them the ability to deal with people who are disrupting the game. I want the players to be able to have fun. If you want Frendly-Fire or a new map then vote for it, if a majority agrees it's activated.
-- Why can't I say Penis on the server? --

Why do you feel the need to discuss penises while you should be focusing on playing the game? If you feel the need to discuss penii, there are lots of forums and chatrooms focusing on this subject that would love your input. If your Penis has a medical problem, see a doctor, none of the players will be able to help you with your condition.
-- Why can't I say racial slurs? --

My server is not a forum to display your hate for someone else. Everyone is welcome to play without being insulted by someone else hiding behind an Internet connection. Generally don't say to something to a person over the internet what you wouldn't say face-to-face to someone that could punch you in the nose.
-- Why do you talk about beating people so much? Do you beat your brother? --

Nah, he doesn't need beatings. I'm not a violent person it just makes me sound mean. Also, threats of physical violence tend to get people's attention and remember what I said. In any case, I far prefer mental battering; I love messing with people's minds.
-- Why don't you swear much? --

Swearing at someone you don't know lowers your IQ 50 points in their eyes. If you can't construct a sentence without putting an "F" or "S" word in it then maybe you should pay attention in class more. Swearing at someone also puts up thier defensive barriers and closes thier minds to whatever you have to say. For example, try walking up to some random person you don't know and saying "Hey! FUCK YOU!" and see how they react. I guarantee they won't be smiling and be willing to shake your hand. Rather, they will either A) be ready to fight or B) be walking away from you in disgust.
-- I love your server! If I give you stuff can I have ADMIN access? --

Thanks! I think the server's pretty damn spiffy myself! I really appreciate the offers of money and parts but I really can't accept them. The truth of the matter is I don't know when I'll have to take the server down and I don't want to owe anyone anything. I've had a situation in the past where someone gave something to me "free". I then used that object in something that I really couldn't just take apart and give back. A few months later the person wanted it back and all I could say is "No, you gave it to me and I'm using it." That episode nearly ended a good friendship and I KNEW the person well. So as you can see I won't accept anything from anyone unless I have no other options, which includes selling organs for money.
-- Okay you won't accept stuff, can I have ADMIN access anyhow? --

-- I've been BANNED! How can I get unbanned??? --

You must have really pissed me or Arkaine off to get banned. Chances are we won't ever unban you so go find some other server to cheat and abuse people on. If you really think that you didn't deserve to be banned then you can ask us to unban you by sending Arkaine a letter explaining the situation. As a warning, don't lie, I have logs of all admin activity and player chat on the server. You should include you WONID and name you use when you play so we can easily identify you.
-- Could we use your server for clan matches? --

-- Aww. Why not. --

I put the time and money into the server I want the credit for it, damnit! I'm not going to make it [XYZ] Clan server, so stop asking. Next question...
-- Do you or Arkaine want to join my clan? --

No, thanks.
-- What are all the admin commands for the server? --

You can find them in the Admin section.