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This site has no fancy JavaScript applets or menus, no funky banners or advertisements. It's just a nice, clean site for everyone to come to stay in touch with what's happening at good 'ol Vad's. Anyway, just use the menu to navigate around. It's impossible to get lost!
If you do get lost, maybe you shouldn't be here. :)
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4:39 PM Tuesday, October 8 by Arkaine
I've changed the rules page. There is a completely new system now.
Everyone should take a look at it, especially those with admin.

10:37 PM Friday, August 9 by Arkaine
Changed Admin page around a little.

8:29 PM Monday, July 29 by Arkaine
I've changed some stuff...this is why the site may look crappy.
Those that used the skin feature will need to set it again.

2:16 AM Tuesday, July 23 by Vadakill
Well, after two days (approx 20-25 hours) of work, it seems we've gotten the new hard drive, Linux OS, Apache 2.0 web server, Ikonboard (saving all the posts and accounts) up and running. We won't know if things will stay stable until a few weeks goes by. While I don't have psychostats up yet I am gathering log files, so don't worry. I hope to have the stats up and running tomorrow.

4:56 AM Monday, July 22 by Arkaine
This is turning out to be a nightmare...it may take a couple more days to get through it...maybe it's the full moon...
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Can't wait......must play.
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