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-- Main-Admins / Owners --

These people own the server...from the motherboard to the CPU to the power cord. They are the people that put the time and money (well, more from Vadakill) into this community. They make the rules, and you live by them or leave. This is a (privately-owned) public game server, not an elite club that only your friends can chill at, or even your school's bathroom where you would do things your teachers wouldn't want you to do...like write obscenities on the stall. Keep it clean.
-- Sub-Admins --

Viper Marine
These people are players like you who have demonstrated that they can handle not only themselves, but others in a reasonable manner. These people were not rewarded with these privilages because they did something good; it's more of a personality thing. It's just the way they are.

They have almost as many commands as the Main-Admins.

-- All Players! --

EVERYONE! These people are what make up 99.999% of the happy NS community.

These players have the following abilities and should not abuse them: admin_vote_restart
say mapvote
say rockthevote